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Muse - Rocktonica Jewellery London
Muse - Rocktonica Jewellery London
Muse - Rocktonica Jewellery London
Muse - Rocktonica Jewellery London
Muse - Rocktonica Jewellery London


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Muse Silver Ball Chain Necklace With Amultet Pendants

This unique necklace features a beautiful Victorian amulet holder in the shape of a hand, holding two further pendants. The first pendant is a captivating skull wax seal charm, reading in Latin ES FUI SUM ERIS, translating "You are as I have been, you will be as I am". In heraldry, the skull symbolises mortality and is a remider that life is short.

The second pendant is an all seeing eye wax seal, surrounded by a ray of light. In heraldry, the eye symbolises providence and symbolises protection and guidance. The pendants are hand cast from an antique wax seal dating back from the 1800's.

  • Handmade Sterling Silver Amulet Holder
  • 2 Handmade Sterling Silver Amulet (Skull and All Seeing Eye)
  • 24 Inch Patina Sterling Silver 2 MM Ball Chain
  • Both Hand Finished and Oxidised

For Bracelets and Cuffs:

1. Using a flexible measuring tape*, measure the circumference of your wrist just above the wrist bone (toward the elbow). The measurement should be snug but without creasing your skin.

2. Make a note of the measurement in centimeters.

3. Please note that snug does not mean tight. You should not have to pull or crease your skin. We will leave the right amount for movement and comfort when crafting the bracelet.

4. Please do not use rough estimates, or measurements of other bracelets you may have as this will not result in a correct fit.

5. If your wrist measurement includes half a size, then please note your exact wrist measurement in the notes when checking out.

6. We allow room for movement and comfort, without the bracelet being too loose, whilst giving you a good fit.

*If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, use a strip of paper, ribbon, or string and mark it where it overlaps on your wrist. Then measure the length against a ruler.