About Rocktonica

Rocktonica's jewellery is crafted according to an impeccable British tradition of handmade pieces carefully done, one-by-one. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and perfected using materials of the highest quality. We design for people who seek originality, high quality craftmanship and cutting-edge design with a modern British sensibility.

Rocktonica is defined by craftmanship, quality of materials and travel inspiration. As well as being provocative and timeless, they are living pieces that bestow courage, laid-back elegance, and a refined sense individuality.

At Rocktonica, we handcraft jewellry that embodies the concept of spirituality, and as a evocative reminder of how much of a gift each new day is. Each piece epitomizes our values and serve as a daily reminder to make the most of every day you have; work hard, but play hard, enjoy the moment; take time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life; do good for others not as fortunate as you; and be present in the lives of friends and family.

If jewellery has traditionally been a sign of union and promises, Rocktonica pieces reveal the less conventional side of those who wear them; an unwavering pact signifying desire, transformation and challenge. When you buy one of our pieces you are buying into a great British tradition of craftsmanship. As well as buying something that looks fabulous, it has also been made exclusively for you in our London atelier.

We are proud to be part of London's vibrant creative culture and feel passionate baout keeping British jewellery design and production alive and flourishing. Each piece we make is proudly designed and handmade in London. 🇬🇧