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What We Learned Designing A New Collection

Born To Run We did it! Our latest collection; Born To Run which released last summer has been a great success. We are both excited and overwhelmed by the feedback received and sales achieved. We've taken everything to the next level here. We've improved everything, from design to photography, to our marketing campaign and content. We are so thankful, humbled and grateful.It wasn't all plane sailing, however. It's been a lot of hard work. Frustrating even at times because everything simply took a lot longer than anticipated. For the Born To Run collection, we really went back to the drawing board. We sat down and re-examined every element of design, quality, and the processes we use. Our design and making processes...

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I’m a designer and crafty guy. I have always had an interest in antiques and collectables and appreciate original style. I have long had a love for jewellery. I guess it started from a very young age. I remember my father always bringing me back a bracelet or necklace as gifts when returning from expeditions far away. Those gifts formed bonds and created lasting memories of joy and taught me early on the value and pleasure of gifting.  Ever since I started travelling, I would always browse the local market or night-time beach stalls in search of a momento as a reminder of my travels and adventures. They were never really anything beautiful or well made. Mainly because there was nothing of quality for...

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