Our Story

Hello. Welcome to Rocktonica Jewellery. So glad you’re here.

I’m a designer and crafty guy. I have always had an interest in antiques and collectables and appreciate original style. I have long had a love for jewellery. I guess it started from a very young age. I remember my father always bringing me back a bracelet or necklace as gifts when returning from expeditions far away. Those gifts formed bonds and created lasting memories of joy and taught me early on the value and pleasure of gifting. 

Ever since I started travelling, I would always browse the local market or night-time beach stalls in search of a memento as a reminder of my travels and adventures. They were never really anything beautiful or well made, let alone made to last. Mainly because there was nothing of quality and beauty available. It was usually a woven friendship bracelet or a leather strap that I would wear until it would dissolve and break off. Been there, right?

Around 2005 I was gifted beautifully crafted handmade bracelet. I was immediately struck by the quality and workmanship. It allowed me to re-experience the effect of a special piece of jewellery. Most importantly it changed the way I felt about jewellery and taught me that jewellery is about feelings, emotions, bonds and memories.

I started experimenting with designs for pieces that I would want to wear using stone beads and some basic stringing materials. I made a few bracelets that I enjoyed wearing, and continued collecting jewellery during my travels that I still treasure.

Fast forward a few years, I met Eva. We both shared a love for travel, good design and great food. Little did I know that we also both shared a love for jewellery. Eva had previously made and sold women's jewellery and accessories and had also put that project on the shelf for some time. We started hanging out and talked about how it would be great to one day, start making jewellery again. I still had my old box of stones that I promised to share, and one day I did. We spent the night scouring through stones and silver beads and put together some designs that we both fell in love with. And with that, Rocktonica was (re)born.

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out.  

Thanks again for stopping by Rocktonica.

Rock on!

Love from Rocktonica