Christmas Gift Guide

The Experts’ Guide To Finding The Perfect Holiday Gift For Men


Gift-giving is a high-stakes game. Get it right and there’s a lot to gain. Get it wrong and at best you’ll betray a lack of thought, at worst a fundamental misunderstanding of your intended’s personal taste. It’s only natural, then, that you might enter into the process with a degree of trepidation. To assuage your fears, we’ve asked a our experts in the field of shiny things – from precious stones  and gemstones to necklaces, styling and stacking – for their advice on how to pick the perfect present that will also make you feel incredible.


"Choose a size that will fit him properly. Whichever piece you choose, make sure to have his wrist measurement to hand. This will ensure the bracelet will be a perfect fit for him."

“Buying him his first proper bracelet? Your best bet is to play it safe and choose something versatile that he can dress up and down. Pantera or Prince are bullet proof choice for the classic man. If you'd like something that will make his eyes sparkle, then both Metallica and Iron Maiden both have a beautiful understated shimmer with a rebel edge."


If he already owns five or 10 bracelets, that’s a different story – you can be a bit more adventurous and nothing can do this better than Rolling Stones with a marvellous combination of stones from royal blue lapis to golden amber. This piece is definitely a show stopper, yet remains very versatile. Black Gold has some incredible detailing and works perfectly with a tuxedo or leather jacket. Def Leppard's characteristic shimmer, and the glow of golden amber are guaranteed to make any man feel like a million dollars.

"Consider what he wears, too and his style. If he prefers cuffed shirts, a slim understated bracelet like Scorpion or Zeppelin is your best choice.


“Choosing the perfect bracelet should be like playing a game of Guess Who? Ask yourself a series of questions: do they want a dark stone or a light stone? A single tour bracelet or multiple tour? A dress bracelet or a statement piece? Narrow down the selection until you’ve found what you want.”